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Fostering trade between Haiti and Great Britain


Based in the United Kingdom, the Haitian Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain helps business grow. We are an international group with members from many different industry sectors.
We offer an open forum for debate, networking, access to key decision makers, influencers and welcome members from all sectors and nationalities.
The Chamber plays a pivotal role in the commercial and economic relations between the two countries. Its main role being to assist in the development and promotion of commerce and investment between Haiti and Great Britain. 
The Chamber will provide advice, information, assistance to the business community and promote cultural exchange between Haiti and Great Britain.
The Chamber is comprised of Corporate, SMEs and other business Members representing the majority of business sectors. 
The Chamber is a registered limited company with Companies House and the British Chambers of Commerce.

Video Presentation
With Noria Senior, President of BCC
2015 International Trade Conference in London with Noria Senior, President of the British Chambers of Commerce
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